Jim Pattison Broadcast Group expands ‘NOW’ family in Saskatchewan
April 20, 2018

The Jim Pattison Broadcast Group has launched a 7th online portal in Saskatchewan.

farmnewsNOW.com is a site dedicated to bringing prairie producers what they need to know about the agriculture industry including research developments and the latest in crop, livestock and market news. In addition to daily industry news, this website will also be the go-to source for farm equipment and real estate sales.

“At a time when other media outlets are closing their doors, we are expanding our coverage area and providing a much-needed service to communities who were left without a voice,” said Karl Johnston, JPBG Saskatchewan General Manager.

In January 2018, Canada’s largest private radio and television company launched  larongeNOW.com.    LA Ronge, located approximately 250 km north of Prince Albert, SK had been left feeling isolated after the departure of CBC from their community in 2012 and the closure of a long-time newspaper publication in 2015.

“We recognized that void. Our radio stations have been re-broadcasting in La Ronge for some time now and this was just a natural extension to our commitment to the communities of the North. The news is timely, relevant and on point to the area it serves,” station manager Tyler Kinash said.

In its first week, larongeNOW.com had more than 17,000 unique visitors to the site. These visitors are consuming over 48,000 unique pages in a month. When we look at what our consumers are reading – it is all local content.

“We are proud of the success are station initiative has had in the area of community service and we look forward to contributing more news our consumers can use in the future,” said Johnston.

Both sites are modelled after paNOW.com, an online newspaper that JPBG launched in 2011 that has grown to become the most read news and information source in north central Saskatchewan.

With the addition of these two portals, the ‘NOW’ family has a combined workforce of 17 news reporters and editors – making it one of the largest news organizations in the province.

Jim Pattison Broadcast Group portals in Saskatchewan:

paNOW.com; battlefordsNOW.com; meadowlakeNOW.com; northeastNOW.com; larongeNOW.com; saskNOW.com and farmnewsNOW.com

For more information contact:
Karl Johnston, JPBG General Manager